Unnecessary accidents

Serious consequences

All drivers are familiar with the phenomenon of ice on the roof. In several countries, platforms are available at resting places to remove the ice – but by no means everywhere, and never when you most need one. Drivers also seldom set aside time to clear the ice off the roof, which presents several risks. The ice is guaranteed to slide off en route. The sharp ice sheets can fly anywhere. This may result in personal injury and extensive damage. With the Airtube, your drivers can take to the road safely.


The law is clear

Causing danger or obstruction to traffic is prohibited. This is laid down in the law almost everywhere in the world. Driving with ice on the roof? That is not and cannot be allowed. The driver is responsible and could be fined. However, the consequences may be far greater. In the event of an accident, it could be considered a criminal offence. The haulier and shipper may be held jointly liable. These are all avoidable risks. The Airtube prevents fines and accidents caused by ice on the roof.