no water, no ice,

No trouble

Water and ice prevention on truck roofs

Airtube: A proven solution

Airtube is an inflatable tube installed between the roof beams and the tarpaulin.

Creating a pointed roof shape while parked which prevents water accumulation on the roof.

Airtube is patented and proven effective for over 10 years.


Removing water

Preventing ice formation

Preventing condensation drops

Unnecessary accidents

Serious consequences

All drivers are familiar with the phenomenon of ice on the roof. In several countries, platforms are available at resting places to remove the ice – but by no means everywhere, and never when you most need one. Drivers also seldom set aside time to clear the ice off the roof, which presents several risks. The ice is guaranteed to slide off en route. The sharp ice sheets can fly anywhere. This may result in personal injury and extensive damage. With the Airtube, your drivers can take to the road safely.

Parking? Activate Airtube!

Easy does it with Airtube

Imagine. Your driver parks the HGV. The Airtube under the roof tarpaulin fills with compressed air and pushes up the centre of the roof tarpaulin across the entire length, so that water runs off the roof and any condensation on the inside flows into the rail. Heading off again? The Airtube can be deflated again within 2.5 minutes, either fully automatically or using a handle. Ready for a dry and carefree journey!

Your cargo on time and in perfect condition

Deliver the best possible service

Your customers depend on the correct and timely delivery of the cargo. They count on you. Do not take any risks with your service. With the Airtube, you can prevent damage to the cargo caused by leaks and condensation. What’s more, your drivers won’t have to waste any more time clearing water or ice off the roof, so they don’t end up running behind schedule.

Strengthen your reputation

Happy customers

Safety on the road is important to everyone, also for shippers. After all, their good name is also at stake. If something happens, they can even be held jointly liable. Transport your customers’ goods as safely as possible. You could even show them how the Airtube works. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you invest in safe and reliable haulage!

Select your Airtube

Configure your Airtube in three easy steps.
Fully automatic or manual? Do you want to install it yourself or have it installed? Which length?
You can configure a completely customised Airtube to meet all your requirements!