So many reasons

Haulage companies, HGV drivers and shippers

Maximum safety, time savings and a dry cargo – three good reasons why every tarpaulin or sliding roof construction deserves an Airtube. It is in everyone’s interests. You deliver the cargo punctually, dry and undamaged, without causing any accidents. Drivers no longer have to climb up platforms to clear ice off their HGVs. This saves time and stress. And shippers also benefit from the advantages of the Airtube. They don’t want their goods to be damaged by water, to have any accidents along the way or to experience delays by being stopped.

Take to the road safely from the start

Without water or ice on the roof

Delivering the cargo safely and on time: that’s what it’s all about, always. With the Airtube you can avoid loss of time, unnecessary risks and fines. Rainwater runs directly off the roof, thereby stopping any dangerous sheets of ice from forming. Your drivers no longer need to worry about any such risk. They can rely completely on the Airtube and get back on the road immediately after every stop.

The Airtube offers another advantage for drivers. If the roof tarpaulin is open, the powerful air pressure of the Airtube will close it almost automatically. The driver then only has to lock the folding bar. Ideal in cases where it’s difficult to walk through the loading space! Or if an open roof tarpaulin isn’t allowed, as is the case in the UK.

A profitable investment

Numerous cost savings

Time is money, certainly in the world of haulage. The Airtube prevents time loss and therefore saves costs. What’s more, you won’t need to repair or replace the roof tarpaulin as quickly. It will wear much less quickly without masses of water or ice ever collecting on it again. This will also save money, as it rules out water damage to the cargo. After all, rain can hardly seep through. What’s more, any condensation on the inside disappears into the aluminium rails on the sides. No more empty shelves and stationary production lines due to missing goods, and therefore no more damage claims from customers!

Delivery on schedule

No more delays

The Airtube prevents delays. Drivers no longer have to spend time clearing ice off the roof. The Airtube takes care of that. Being stopped or fined for having ice on the roof is now also a thing of the past, just like accidents caused by flying ice. The journey can therefore be completed as scheduled, which is of course in everyone’s interests!

When frost forms, even a platform doesn’t help; traffic jams when clearing ice… absolute chaos affecting your company’s schedule!